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Same-Day Care for Dental Emergencies

Looking for an emergency pediatric dentist in Washington, DC? Look no further. Dr. Roya Pilcher provides care for a range of dental emergencies, including toothaches, chipped or fractured teeth, and traumatic dental injuries. If your child experiences a dental emergency, call Smile Valley Pediatric Dentistry at (202) 237-2833 right away and we’ll schedule your child for a visit the same day. We always prioritize kids who are in pain and we’ll make sure your child gets the treatment (and relief!) they need.

Benefits of Emergency Dental Care

Receiving emergency dental care within an hour or two of a tooth becoming loose or getting knocked out increases the chances it can be reimplanted and saved.

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Our pediatric dentist will examine your child to determine the cause of their discomfort and provide the appropriate treatment to get them out of pain quickly.

The earlier a toothache, chipped tooth, or dental injury is addressed, the more likely it is that the least invasive treatment option will be effective.

Getting Your Child’s Smile Back on Track

When you visit with an emergency pediatric dentist at our Washington, DC practice, our experienced, friendly dentists will put your little one at ease. They’ll perform a thorough but gentle examination, and a team member may take diagnostic records, such as digital x-rays, if needed.

We’ll make sure we alleviate your child’s pain as quickly as possible at your emergency visit. Once your child is no longer in pain, if further treatment is required, we can work with you to come up with a personalized treatment plan that fits your family’s needs. Calling us right away after a dental injury will help increase the odds that your child’s tooth can be saved.

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Handling Common Dental Emergencies in Kids


If your child has a toothache, clean the area of the affected tooth. Rinse the mouth thoroughly with warm water or use dental floss to gently dislodge any food that may be impacted. If your little one is still in pain, call Smile Valley Pediatric Dentistry. Do not place aspirin or heat on the gum or on the aching tooth. If the face is swollen, apply cold compresses and contact us immediately.

Knocked Out Permanent Tooth

A child’s knocked out permanent tooth can often be saved with some quick thinking and action. If possible, find the tooth. Handle it by the crown, being careful not to touch the root. You may rinse the tooth with water only. DO NOT clean it with soap, scrub the tooth, or handle it unnecessarily. Inspect the tooth for fractures. If it is sound, try to reinsert it in your child’s empty tooth socket. Have your kiddo hold the tooth in place by biting on a piece of gauze or a clean cloth.

If you cannot reinsert the tooth, transport the tooth in a cup containing your child’s saliva or milk, NOT water. If your child is old enough and you’re confident they won’t swallow the tooth, the tooth can also be carried in your child’s mouth (beside the cheek). Your child must see a dentist IMMEDIATELY! Time is a critical factor in saving the tooth.

Chipped/Fractured Baby Tooth

Contact our office, so we can evaluate the situation and let you know what steps to take. In the meantime, you can have your child gently rinse their mouth with water and apply a cold compress to their cheek in the area of the injury to reduce swelling.

Severe Blow to the Head

Call 911 immediately or take your child to the nearest hospital emergency room.

Cut or Bitten Tongue, Lip or Cheek

Apply ice to injured areas to help control swelling. If there is bleeding, apply firm but gentle pressure with gauze or a cloth. If bleeding cannot be controlled by simple pressure, call a doctor or visit the hospital emergency room.

Knocked Out Baby Teeth

Contact your Washington, DC pediatric dentist. Unlike with a permanent tooth, the baby tooth should not be reimplanted due to possible damage to the developing permanent tooth beneath it. In most cases, no treatment will be necessary. However, we’ll let you know how to proceed.

Chipped/Fractured Permanent Tooth

Time is of the essence when it comes to a chipped or fractured permanent tooth. Contact Smile Valley Pediatric Dentistry immediately. We can reduce the chance of infection and/or the need for more extensive dental treatment in the future. Have your child rinse their mouth with water and apply a cold compress to their cheek in the area of the injury to reduce swelling. If you can find the broken tooth piece, bring it with you to your appointment with Dr. Roya.

Possible Broken or Fractured Jaw

Keep the jaw from moving and take your child to the nearest hospital emergency room. If your child’s teeth were also injured, after they’ve received medical attention for the fracture, call our office to let us know.

More than 5 million teeth are knocked out each year in children and adults.

A study found that 31.8% of oral and facial injuries in children occurred during sports activities (mouthguards are important!).

About one in five children between the ages of 5 and 11 have at least one untreated decaying tooth.

Happy Patients, Healthy Smiles

At our fun, bright pediatric dental office in Washington, DC, we treat all of our patients like VIPs. Let’s work together to give your child the healthy, beautiful smile they deserve. Schedule a visit at Smile Valley Pediatric Dentistry today!

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