Administration of Nitrous Oxide/Oxygen In Treating Children’s Dental Needs

What is Nitrous oxide?

Nitrous oxide is a blend of two gases, oxygen and nitrous oxide. It is inhaled through a small mask that is worn on the nose. The nitrous oxide makes children feel sleepy and relaxed. Your child will still be aware of what is happening around them, but will feel dreamy and floaty, warm, and have tingling in their hands and feet. They may be a little forgetful, and might not be able to remember the procedure afterwards.

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Boy getting Nitrous Oxid
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Nutritional Information In Treating Children’s Dental Needs

If you want to prevent cavities, how often you eat can be just as important as what you eat.

Eating cookies with dinner will do less harm to your teeth than eating them in
the middle of the afternoon as a separate snack. Of course, overall poor nutrition can contribute to oral disease. Learning how food affects your oral health is the first step toward mouthhealthy eating.

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Tooth Extractions in Children

There’s nothing like the excitement of watching your child lose their first tooth.

It helps that most baby teeth come out on their own. But occasionally, baby teeth need a little help to move things along. When teeth are badly decayed or damaged, or when baby teeth start to crowd adult teeth coming in, it may be necessary to consider having your child’s teeth extracted.

This isn’t as scary as it sounds. In most cases, a tooth extraction for your little one is a simple procedure, and needn’t cause any worry in you or your child.

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